#5 Statuette

Introduction: #5 Statuette

This is my first instructable.
It's my dad's birthday tommorow and I needed to make a quick, but really cool, present.
I decided on a wood statue of his favorite number, 5.

Step 1: Supplies

Drill with 1/8 bit
Circular Saw
Dremal with sanding and grinding bits
Bench Grinder
Propane Blowtorch
Wood: 2/4 and 1/2
Smallish woodscrew

Step 2:

Cut the 1/2 to 4 inches
Measure the 2/4 to twice as wide as the 1/2

Step 3: The Base

Shape the base from the 2/4 by rounding the edges on the bench grinder
Then, take your dremal with the sanding wheel and grind a groove in the top the size of the 5 your about to make

Step 4: Shaping the 5

1.Draw your 5 in bubble numbers
2.Either Jigsaw or benchgrind the majority of the wood
3. Refine with the dremal sander
4. When you break it, just use woodglue and a clamp

Step 5: Attaching: Pilot Hole

1. Drill hole through base in the groove you previously ground
2. Line up the 5 and continue the drill.

Step 6: Attaching: Screw

1. Screw through the pilot hole
2. Grind off the tip sticking out with the grinding wheel of your dremel. 

Step 7: Stop?

If you like this finish, stop here.

Step 8: Burned Finish

Lightly Burn with a propane torch, no a lighter won't work, sorry

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very good first instructable and a wonderful personalized gift!
    I like the burned/burnished effect.