Introduction: 5 Tips to Beating a Cold

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Cold and flu season is here, and sooner or later, you or someone you know will get it. Use these tips to speed your bodies natural healing qualities!

Step 1: Drink More Liquids

When you are sick your body produces more mucus. That's what makes you all stuffed up. When you increase the liquids you intake, it makes the mucus flow better causing you less problems.

Get a good herbal tea and sip on that. It will get more liquids into you and make your throat feel better.

Step 2: Take Vitamins

Your body can use a bit of help when fighting off a cold, so its a good idea to take a few vitamins containing zinc and vitamin C to give your white blood cells what they need to beat up the virus.

Step 3: Use a Neti Pot

If you are congested, a neti pot can spell ultimate relief. Using a neti pot twice a day will clean out your sinuses and make breathing a lot easier.

For more on neti pots check out How To Clean Your Sinuses

Step 4: Eat Soup

Mmm Soup, the cold's worst enemy. Soup allows you once again to intake more liquids but is also warm so it can act as a way to burn off those viruses.

Check out this link for some good soup recipes.

Step 5: Sleep

Ultimately whatever you do, you're going to need time to heal. Your body will be working overtime to kick out the cold virus, so its always a good idea to get a whole bunch of restful sleep.

I hope this instructable finds you well and that you heal quickly this cold season. Got any cold remedy tips? Post them in the comments below!