Introduction: $5 USB on Your Bicycle Dynamo in 3 Steps

Just three steps to make your Bicycle generate power for your USB devices

Step 1: Purchase Items.

This is the simple and long waiting part.

You need to buy to parts for this project to work. 1. AC to DC Converter

eBay URL

2. Buck Converter with USB output
eBay URL

Now you need to wait for the items to arrive.

Step 2: Solder It All Together

Now you have the requested items.

Get a long wire with 2 inner wire (1 meter is enough).
Cut a piece of about 1CM from the wire
Split it, so you have 2 parts.
Strip the plastic from the wire
Use a soldering iron and tin and make coat the wire with the tin.
Place both modules next to each other and connect the + and -'s to the other module (See picture).

Step 3: Connect It to Your Bicycle Dynamo and Start Cycling

For external dynamo's (not in the wheel)

Most bikes have dynamo's with only one wire, connect one of the two wires to the dynamo and the other to your frame. Put the dynamo onto your tyre and start driving.

For internal dynamo's (in the wheel).

Connect both wires to wires comming from the dynamo.

Start cycling and if you see the first red led producing light, its working. If not, go back to step one and see if you have done everything like you should.

Hope you are enjoying driving your bycicle even more with this fancy gadget.

Next thing you should do is create a waterproof container for it, so it won't be damaged by the rain.

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