Introduction: 5 Vinegar Mysteries Solved!

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Vinegar (Acetic acid) is a sour liquid found in many homes. It has also been touted for centuries as a wonder drug, and ultimate cleaning product. 

But does it actually work? We will test 5 common vinegar theories and put them to the test.

Step 1: Theory 1: Polishing Chrome

Our first theory is that vinegar polishes chrome fixtures.

RESULT: It works, it cleans it up nicely and doesn't leave a streak, HURRAY!

Step 2: Theory 2: Cutting Grease

Next a common conception is that vinegar is a good grease cutter.

RESULTS: The grease after being soaked in vinegar came right off. I tried a bit of vinegar with some oil dropped right in and it, and the oil broke down pretty well.

Step 3: Theory 3: Disinfecting Cutting Boards

Some sources have suggested that cleaning a cutting board with vinegar will disinfect it.

RESULT: Inconclusive because i can't see bacteria, but it cleaned off the stains on the board and left it looking cleaner.

Step 4: Theory 4: Killing Weeds

Killing weeds comes up as another use of vinegar, so i decided to try it on some undesirables in my back yard.

RESULT: Adding a strong acid to a plant should kill it, but i won't know for a few days if it worked as well as i hoped.

Step 5: Theory 5: Drinking Vinegar for Health

I've read that drinking vinegar can help with muscle cramps and encourage weight loss. I thought why not try it out for myself.

RESULT: Vinegar tastes horrible, see picture #2

Hope you enjoyed finding out how vinegar can help you solve more of life's problems!