5 Ways to Speed Up Your Android Phone

Introduction: 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Android Phone

If you feel that your android phone getting sluggish down extra time, you aren't by myself. In truth, there are many Android customers obtainable also revel in the similar problem.
There are various reasons that could cause this aspect occurs including too many apps running in the background, viruses, and so on. In this article, we are able to show you some proven approaches to speed up your Android phone.

Turn off live wallpaper

Despite the fact that the live wallpaper could make your phone display appearance extra appealing, but it is able to sluggish down the overall performance of your cellphone because the animations require power to preserve it going for walks. So by means of turning off live wallpaper can make your phones grow to be barely lighter and smoother.

Remove unused widgets

Widgets absorb lots of space in the cellphone which may be a main reason of overall performance delay. So remove unused widgets inside the history to keep away from performance delays.

Close applications using the Back key instead of the Home key

Pressing the Home key inside an application only put it under Standby mode, not near it. So it'll hold consuming your phone memory, causing performance put off. Instead, hold down the Home key and select the Task Manager. It will display running applications and option to end it.

Move apps to the SD card

Like a PC, Android phone will run an awful lot quicker and smoother with enough amounts of loose reminiscence. by moving apps to SD card, you can loose up some an awful lot-wanted space at the same time as nevertheless preserving your apps near handy.

Factory reset

When you have tried all of the above steps however the hassle still remains, performing a manufacturing facility reset might be ultimate option that you may take. The trouble you're having together with your Android phone is probably resulting from the apps you have got set up and the modifications you have got made. by means of resetting your phone to its manufacturing facility settings will carry it lower back to the original state, “as new” condition.

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