Introduction: 5 Ways to Start a Fire, Using Water

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If you thought fire and water were elemental enemies, think again. In this project you'll see 5 ways to start a fire, using water.

Step 1: Watch the Video!!!

WARNING: Under certain conditions, an open flame can grow to an uncontrollable, blazing fire. This may result in serious injury, burns, property damage, forrest fires, grass fires, and even death. Use of video content is at own risk.

Step 2: #1 - Light Bulb

Grab an old light bulb and chisel out the bottom, so you can see down inside.

Pour in a bit of hot water, and shake it vigorously. You'll notice the white coating washes right out.

After you've rinsed it a couple of times, you should have a crystal clear bulb.

Fill the light bulb with water, cap the bottom with a balloon, and voila! You've just created a makeshift magnifying glass.

Use your liquid light bulb to focus the sunlight on a piece of newspaper. It should start smoking immediately, and just a minute later, burst into flames.

Step 3: #2 - Plastic Wrap

Find a small dish and line it with plastic wrap, and push it down so it takes the shape of the bowl.

Add water until the bowl is nearly full, then gather each of the plastic corners at the top. This will form a little liquid pouch, and by twisting the corners together, you can seal the water inside.

You've just formed, a clear liquid sphere, that fits in the palm of your hand.

Put the sun behind you, and focus the light, on a dark piece of paper.

Your tinder should start smoking within seconds, and when enough embers have collected inside, you'll soon have your fire.

Step 4: #3 - Picture Frame

Take a picture frame, and cover it with a layer of plastic wrap.

Suspend it on something that is a couple of feet off the ground.

Carefully pour hot water onto the plastic. As you do this, it will begin to sag. Forming a natural and effective liquid lens.

Gather up something you can use as tinder, and find the focal point of the beam, to concentrate the heat.

When you see your tinder's smoldering, set it down so it rests in the beam.

Now just sit back and watch the elements ignite the fire for you, completely hands free.

Step 5: #4 - Water Bottle

Find a juice bottle, that looks like a giant plastic bubble, and fill it with water. I used a POM bottle my wife got at the grocery store, and took off the label.

Position the liquid filled bubble between the sun, and your tinder pile, until you find the spot where it starts smoking.

Hold everything steady, so the heat will continue to build.

When the smoke is strong and steady, add something like dried grass, to help you lift the pile up, and blow the smoldering embers into a flame.

Step 6: #5 - Elemental Sodium

If the clouds have rolled over, and blocked off your solar supply, you can use a toilet paper roll, and a couple chunks of sodium.

The paper roll should be cut in half. Cut a small piece out of the bottom, and push a wad of tissue into the top.

Use the lid of a jar as your starter base. Cover it with one square of toilet paper, and place the small bits of sodium in the middle.

The paper roll sits over top, followed by a heavier gauge kindling. Like a bunch of straw, or dried grass.

Carefully pour a tablespoon of water into the base, and run away.

In just a couple of seconds, a little flame shoots out, igniting the kindling on top. You can see how this would stoke a blazing fire, in just a matter of seconds.

Step 7: More Project Videos

Now every experiment has it's dangers, so if you try these methods yourself, make sure you have proper safety equipment, as well as adult supervision.

Well now you know 5 ways to use water, to start a fire.

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