Introduction: 5 Gum Ipod 3G Project

Heres my little version of a 5 gum ipod holder. As you can notice that the altoids is connected to the 5 gum. ( I felt like the candy man doing this!) So as you can see the most complicated part is going to be the altoids. After all it is somewhat of a metal structure. It took me a while to burst this little thing open. However I do not have a Instructable for it but i will in the meantime future.

Step 1: Materials

Here are the general Materials!
- Your Trusty musical player iPod 3G
- 5 gum pack (any flavor will do)
- A good pair of scissors
- Single hole puncher
- Pen/pencil
- Something circular and the size of your clickwheel.
- A whole lot of Time!
- This includes Patience!!

(most of these are posed below)

Step 2: The Structure

The insides of the packaging can be very hard to get out. Take your time and dont burst the whole thing open :). Just carefully pull out the little wrapers. Then its going to be hollow and thats what we want.

Step 3: The Cutting

Trace the circular object about the size of your clickwheel on the back side or the front of the back flap of the package. Carefully cut the circle out and trim any edges that you think will harm the ipod's screen.

Step 4: Earbuds Socket

To create the earbud socket simply use the hole puncher to cut a hole in your package. If it is too small
make it two holes and make sure it has a snug fit.

Step 5: Final Touches

To add more flair to this creative project, simply pop in your gum on the back side of the ipod. This seems pretty flashy in most peoples standards. Also in the intro I will be making a Instructable for the altoids earbud tin in the near future. Also, I am not held responsible for any damage :) So no pointing fingers at me.

Step 6: Credits

I actually was working something like tihs a long time ago. I had the idea as well, here is my original plan quite a bit ago. This includes a Eclipse package. So most of this goes to -Cisneros.Evan- for giving me the insparation to make this little instructable. So have fun with this and share this with all your friends :)