Introduction: 5-in-1 Mobile Garage Storage Unit

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This storage unit was designed out of necessity. When we were in the planning stages of the garage makeover, I (Vicki) said I wanted a way to store the grandkid's toy car. I needed it out of the way, but accessible. Toy cars are notoriously difficult to store efficiently!

The car storage started out as a simple box with a little open storage on top. I had envisioned it sitting next to our large shelving unit right beside the door. Well, as things do, the project evolved into something totally different and way more functional!

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Determine Measurements

This project started out as a storage unit to simply store a kiddie car. At some point after starting the build, we realized we could add to it to make a storage unit to fulfill several needs in the garage.

The measurements of the bottom part of the unit are based on the size of the kiddie car. Here you can see we are determining the length and width of the box.

The structure is made from plywood and 2 x 4's.

Step 3: Cut the Pieces and Construct the Box

The box was connected using L brackets. It was at this point, that if we had known the changes that we were going to make to this project, we would have used screws and wood glue. We are comfortable with the support of the build even without wood glue.

The rest of the box was constructed with wood glue and brad nails.

Step 4: Construct the Frame and "Garage" Door

We added heavy-duty casters to the bottom. We made two simple frames from the 2x4s and attached them to the top of the box.

The "garage" door is plywood covered with dry erase board slats as well as black strap hinges which we cut in half to mimic the look of a garage door. The door is attached to the bottom of the box with a piano hinge and a magnetic latch at the top to keep the door in place.

Step 5: Add Side Panels

We used a brad nailer to add a panel of faux pallet wood to one side and dry erase board to the other. The white side got a handle made from iron pipe.

Step 6: 5-in-1 Storage Unit Filled and in Use!

The functions:

1. Pallet side is for photography

2. The garage stores a kiddie car out of the way

3. Inside the unit, stores hard to store items

4. The white side is for writing

5. And, the entire unit moves easily into place to hide the storage area of our garage.

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