5 Ingredients Mango Pudding

Introduction: 5 Ingredients Mango Pudding

 This is a wonderful and easy recipe for the Mango season.
I am sure you will love this.

Step 1: You Need

 you will need:-
1. About 1 tb spoon Butter.
2. A cup full of milk.
3. sugar to taste
4. 3 tb spoon fine semolina.
5. 1 Mango preferably alphonso.

Step 2: First

 Heat butter in a pan and add semolina. stir and fry till it becomes slightly reddish.
Then add milk and cook it on low heat till it becomes very thick.
Then remove it from the heat and keep aside to cool.

Step 3: Now

 Peel the mango and cut in small pieces. take a cup full of pieces and blend them in blender.
Add sugar to taste. (the quantity of sugar will depend on how sweet your mango is and how sweet you like it!). then blend the mixture once more. After this add cooked semolina in the mixture and mix well till it becomes very smooth. (you can also blend this to get a smooth mixture.

Step 4: Almost Done

 Now pour the mixture in to a bowl.
Add remaining pieces of mango.
and refrigirate this.
for serving sprinkle sugar on top of it.
(make this look more tempting by sprinkling colored sugar. just mix 2 drops of any food color to about a tb spoon of caster sugar.)

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    This looks delicious!  I may try it with canned mango puree, too.