Introduction: 5 Min Usb Table Top Light House

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In this Instructable i'll show you how to make a fun usb table top light house.

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Step 1: Materials

1. scrap construction paper
2. dixie cup
3. scotch tape
4. male usb cable
5. knife or scissors
6. white Christmas light bulb or other small light
7. coffee cup

Step 2: Making the Base

Make one hole on top and one on bottom.

(tip make holes x's)

Step 3: The Electronics

1. strip the usb cable (all we need are the red and black ones).
2. conect the bulb to the wires.
3. secure with tape.
4. test.

Step 4: Lighting the Base

put usb cable light first into bottom hole.
tie a knot to secure.
Put bulb through top hole.

Step 5: Making the House

1. make a 6" diameter circle on construction paper(recommended brown).
2. make into cone shape.
3. secure on dixie cup

Step 6: Putting It All Togetter

1. secure dixie cup on coffee cup.


now test and impress everyone!