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Introduction: 5-minute Quick Hobbit Feet

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Hobbits are awesome, and their furry bare feet are their most famous feature. These Hobbit feet look awesome, but sometimes you don't want truly bare feet. I ran into these official merch Hobbit feet toe socks, and realized I could easily do better with a bit of yarn.

My hobbit feet socks are super-quick and perfect for a last-minute costume, but with a bit more time and care can look good enough for more serious cosplay. All you need are toe socks, brown yarn, a big-eyed yarn needle, scissors, and 5-10 minutes of time. Great for Halloween, Hobbit movie premieres, and Lord of the Rings marathons. If you make your own Hobbit Feet socks, please share a picture in the comments.

May the hair on your toes never fall out!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:

  • toe socks in a neutral color (I got a 6-pack of these)
  • brownish yarn, or whatever color matches your hair, preferably fuzzy/furry
  • large-eyed yarn needle (possibly a needle threader to help get thick furry yarn through the needle)
  • scissors
  • feet

Step 2: Apply Yarn

Put the sock on your foot.

Put your needle through a small bit of sock (be careful not to poke your foot!) and pull it through, leaving about 1" of tail sticking out at the end. Clip the other end to match, and make a quick overhand knot.

You can also create a bunch of loops across your foot at once, leaving enough slack that when you cut the loops you'll have about 1" tails. (Long enough to comfortably tie.) This can be faster, but depending on how furry your yarn is and how tighly spaced your loops it may complicate cutting and tying.

Space your loops as close or as far apart as desired. You can always add another loop, or pull unwanted hairs out of your foot. (ouch!)

Step 3: Cut and Tie Yarn

Once you've created and cut your loops, it's time to tie the yarn. My yarn was extremely high-friction and the sock knit very tight, so I just did a single overhand knot and left it alone.

After you cut and tie all your loops, you may want to give your foot a haircut. It all depends on how furry you want your Hobbit feet to be!

Note that tying may be easier with the sock off, especially if you aren't particularly flexible, or if you've done the all-at-once approach. Do whatever works best for you.

Step 4: Wear With Hobbit Pride!

Wear your furry feet with Hobbit pride! Make extras, and give them to all your friends.

I pulled together a super-quick Hobbit costume consisting of an old white linen shirt, a long vest, and pajama pants pinned up around my ankles. (If you've got capri pants, this is the perfect use for them.) The ring was an even later edition - it was cast from a wax model made during testing of the Ember 3D printer. Thanks Shalom! I'm sure Sauron is jealous of your ring-design skills.

I didn't get the brown Hobbit-style cape done, but now I have the other costume pieces in place I'll complete it at my leisure and save for future Tolkien-themed events. The last installment in the Hobbit series is coming up, and it's always fun to go in costume.

If you make your own version of these Hobbit feet socks, please post a picture in the comments!

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