Introduction: 5-minute Mushroom on a Stick

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I like 5-minute works , they can save my time and majority are easy and cheap . Now I teach you how to make a delicious mushroom on a stick in 5-minutes .
We have a Persian proverb : "Halvaye tan tanani ..." , It means : if you don't test a food , you can't know that taste . So you should test this mushroom for know the really taste ! My purpose is , this picture isn't similar a really food . Also remember mushroom have many medicine avail .

Step 1: Ingredients

  • Mushroom : I use 4 number
  • Stick : 4 number
  • Sweet oil
  • Salt , pepper
  • Thyme
  • Cheese
  • Butter
  • Mayonnaise sauce
  • Lemon

Step 2: Cook the Mushrooms

This step is voluntary . I don't like do this step , but you may like this .
Fill a receptacle from water , of half , and put the mushrooms in it . Then put it on the stove for a few minutes . So you scald your mushrooms .

Step 3: Soak in the Lemon

Unload the lemon in a small dish and soak the mushrooms in it . Agitate the mushrooms in lemon-juice with hand or spoon . This work help your mushrooms to get tart taste .

Step 4: Append a Few Salt

Put a few salt in a place and hit the mushrooms in it . If you see exorbitance salt on the mushrooms , remove them . Don't use exorbitance salt .
Add the thyme : Besprinkle a few thyme on the mushrooms . I like thyme very much , so I use more thyme on my mushrooms .

Step 5: Spit

Spit the mushrooms to the sticks . Be careful , place the stick in middle of mushrooms , else , your mushrooms may be cleave .

Step 6: Other Actions

Rub a few cheese & butter on the mushrooms with a knife .
Add a few mayonnaise sauce on them ,
and add a few sweet oil .

Step 7: Ready , Enjoy !

You mushrooms are ready for eat , eat & enjoy !
5-minute is average time , I can make this delicious mushrooms in less time . I like this mushrooms only on a stick , because nibble a food from a stick is a play for me !

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