Introduction: 5 Minute Head Strap for DODO Case

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Our maker space here in Boise Idaho got a couple of there neat VR smartphone viewers. After assembling and messing around with it I soon found my hand was getting tired from holding it up to my face. I needed more than just a couple minutes in the virtual world with out my arm hurting. I ran to my car and grabbed an old Homedepot apron and took off the straps and went to work.

Step 1: Poke the Holes

You're going to need to poke 3 holes. One on each side and one on the top flap. Try and center them as much as possible. Make sure to make them wide enough for your straps to go through.

Step 2: Cut the Rope, Tie the Rope

To find approximately the right length wrap the strap around your head leaving about an inch of over lap. For the second strap it should go from the top of your brow to the back of your neck. Next tie each end of the larger strap to the sides of the case. Adjust the length until it feels comfortable. Next tie the shorter strap to the top flap. Tie the end to the center of the first strap adjust it until it sits nicely on your face.

Step 3: Off to Conquer the Virtual World Hands Free!

You can now look around in all the wonders of the Google cardboard Ap hands free. Spend hours watching YouTube videos in 3D. The possibilities are endless. Go have fun!