Introduction: 5 Minute Newspaper Bag

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This instructable will show you how to make an easy bag from an ordinary newspaper in less then 5 minutes!

This idea came to me when the newspapers kept stacking up in my dormroom and I didn't have any other use for them but to throw them out... Which is a waste since there is so much to do with them!
I then looked on the internet for creative uses with newspapers and found out some people make bags out of them, which is perfect since I'm always short on good bags.

I tried some of the tutorials and took the best things out of them to make the (in my opinion) most durable newspaper bag. The process is really easy and with a little practice you can easily make them in under 5 minutes. Plus you can make several from one newspaper!

They are handy and best of all green and recycled!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You really don't need much to make this easy bag and I'm sure you'll have everything already in your possession.

You'll need:
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Newspaper
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Rope or handles of an old broken bag
  • (Optional) Ballpoint to make holes if you use rope

Step 2: Folding and Stapling

Okay take your newspaper and spread it open. Take two sheets of newspaper out, we don't need more for one bag. If you want something specific on the outside select the sheet that looks the best and put it on top.

Now fold it horizontally and staple the loose side. Staple it completely leaving distances of around 1 inch between the staples
(1 inch = 2.51cm)

Fold the side you just stapled 2 inch (5cm) inwards as shown on the photo and then flip it and fold it again to the other side. Do the same for the other side of the newspaper.

Then fold both sides inwards as shown on the photo.

When you are done make a small fold on the bottom side and staple it shut leaving again a distance of 1 inch between each staple.
Then fold 2 inch of the bottomside you just stapled and flip it both sides.

Then press the bottom carefully to strengthen the bottom. Put one hand inside the bag and the other one outside to do so. Now you should have something like on the last photo.

Congratulations your bag is almost done, the only thing remaining now is support and handles!

Step 3: Support and Handles

The last thing that remains is to make some support preventing your bag from collapsing in the bottom.
To do this simply cut out a cardboard rectangle and put it on the bottom. You can glue it down if you want to but it's not needed.

When you're done you can attatch the handles. I used the handles of an old bag that ripped open and just stapled them on.
If you don't want to do that you can also use some rope. First cut two pieces of rope of the same length. Then simply use a ball point to make two holes on each side of the bag. Then put rope through the holes and knot the ends of!

Step 4: Afterthoughts

There you go!

You have an easy 5 minute bag that was completely free and you helped mother Earth by recycling!

This bag is fully customisable and you can use any size of newspaper you want. I used this smaller version newspaper because it's free and I like reading it but this technique works fine with bigger newspapers as well :)

I made a bunch of these and each newspaper makes about 4 bags. They're suprisingly sturdy and remain useable for a long time!
And when one breaks you can always simply make a new one since the materials are easy to find and cheap.

Should you have any questions don't be afraid to ask and leave a comment. They keep me fuelled to publish new and better 'ibles!

This is my first instructable in over a year. It's been busy times and I'm still rather busy with school but it's good to be back guys! :)