Introduction: 5-minute Pop Up Pixelelated Heart Card

A Pixelated heart card is pop-up card that can be made in under 5 minutes using any simple blade/x-acto knife and a simple sheet of paper! be it any birthday,valentines day, anniversary celebration or mothers day, this card is perfect for any occasion!

Step 1: Materials

  • paper- bright coloured craft/card paper
  • blade/craft knife
  • coloured pens

Step 2: Template and Cutting

I've used a simple pixelated heart template which pops-up when the person opens the card! you can copy this template or create one of your own.

Using a blade/craft knife, cut along all the grey pencil lines shown in the picture above. Using the edge of a ruler ( or any non-pointy thing) score along al the light-blue lines. - these are the lines along which we will fold the heart. i've made a frame outside the heart to demarcate the shape of the card which i will cut out of this sheet of paper.

Step 3: Folding

After you've finished cutting and scoring, gently make a valley fold on the top of the heart (the two light blue lines you just scored on the card.)

Then slowly and gently fold the top of the card inwards in half. this should make the heart pop out! then fold the card completely in half and press it down to crease the edges

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Cut out the card from the papers, add a border using any coloured pen. i even added a border to the heart just to add a little colour, and -voilà- you're done!

You can now customise it by adding your message on the card or even on the outside. put it in a nice coloured envelope and give it to your desired person! the person will surely be surprised upon opening the card! Tip- make the card using a bright colour like orange, pink, yellow or red. i did the mistake of making one using blue which doesn't really give it a good feel.