5 Min Tool Box :)




Introduction: 5 Min Tool Box :)

I keep EVERY box from things that I buy. It's kind of a habit.

I spent most of the day cleaning my workshop (wich is actually the basement, but workshop sounds a bit better...) and I came across a couple of boxes that I didn't need anymore and I was in the mood for some DIY stuff so was the result. And it literaly takes 5 minutes to make one box.

You will need:

  1. Some cartboard boxes
  2. Cutter or scissors
  3. A ruler and a pen or a marker
  4. Glue gun (you can use duct tape too)

Step 1: Start the Clock!

First mark on the box where you want to make the cuts. Looks good? Ok, cut it down!

Now, istead of throwing away the parts use them to reinforce the box: push the top part (if there is one) all the way to the bottom and glue or tape the side you cut inside the box.

Step 2: And It's About Done.

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    Since just about everything comes in excessive packaging today, it is great to find a way to use the boxes. I am thinking of using this technique for making smaller boxes to hold all the little assortments that are jumbled together today - hose clamps in one, wing nuts in another, washers in a third. I can label them on the front and line them up on a high shelf. I can also see using this idea to make carriers (cut a hand hold in the top) or sorters for all kinds of things. The idea of inverting the cut off portion is great - double the strength and less likely to lose things out the bottom! Thanks for making me think :)