5 Nut Butter (peanut Butter)

Introduction: 5 Nut Butter (peanut Butter)

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I decided to make peanut butter as cheap as possible, buying all ingredients from my local 99p store. But they didnt have any raw peanuts on their own so decided to buy 3 150g bags of raw mixed nuts (Cashew, Brazils, Hazelnuts, Almonds and Peanuts) and see what happened.

For this instructable you will need:

3 x 150g bags of raw mixed nuts
A tablespoon of honey
Oil of choice (I used a culinary oil of Sunflower and virgin olive oil. Not bad from a 99p shop!!)

Equipment needed:

A blender and a spoon!

Step 1:


Put all the nuts into a mixing bowl and drizzle over a little oil and coat all the nuts. I prefer to leave the skins on the nuts as a) its alot quicker, and b) for the extra goodness. Its totally your call if you want to faff around and skin them

Now lay these nuts onto a flat oven tray lined with baking paper (See pic). Sprinkle a little salt over all the nuts.

Roast in the oven at 180c or 350f for 20 mins. Then leave on the side for 30 mins to cool.

Have a brew while waiting as there's no more you can do for now

Step 2:


Once cooled, the nuts can be put into the blender. Add about 1 1/2 tablespoons of oil and 1 measured tablespoon of honey.

Blend and add oil as needed for desired consistency.

This took me around 15 mins to complete because, as you can imagine, nut/peanut butter has a tendency to stick! So open the blender and scrape around the edges as many times as needed until its how you like it. I also added another pinch of salt but that is personal preference

Step 3:

Once desired consistency is met, spoon into jars and you're done!

I really enjoyed the flavour of this spread. You can taste all 5 of the nuts in it and sets it apart from other nut butters.

From this amount of nuts, I managed to make a jar and a half in regular jam sized jars.

I hope you enjoy making this. Its my first instructable so please leave a message and let me know what you think :-)

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