Introduction: 5 or 4 Channels Headphone From Old Ones

this is my first instructable...
ever wondered what to do with those old broken cheap headphones ? well
why not build upgraded a new one ?
in this instructable ill show some pics from my recent frankenstein 4 channel headphone...
and some steps on how archive it

Step 1: Tools

first of all
we need old headphones right?
i had about 3 cheap headphones before a got pissed out to do this one hehe
they were are already broken apart, all disassembled...

some other tools we might need it ..

hot glue
isolated tape
multi channel cable
old headphones jacks
old mic ( optional )

Step 2: Wires

as we can see each headphone has a wire that goes side to side ... our goal is to make a 4+ channel headphone... and we need to make the connection between the sides...
in this case i removed the wire and inserted on the biggest case arch

Step 3: Building It

in this step i took the parts and glued it together so it can fit on each side of the case
and then glued it into the L or R case

probably the most annoying part is making the right connections between the wires...
because for each channel as i said we have 3 wires... at one side its easy, just connect them... and remember the right wire colors so we can connect it right on the side

Step 4: Building It 2

for test and success purpose..
i had to make tests while connecting .. to see wich one is the left and right one
so i took the old jacks and connected them with the multi channel big wire early
just pick the any color combination and test it at the other side

Step 5: Done?

pick the old puffs and just glue it together ... and ... well... we have our 4 channel headphone if everything goes right by now...
does it look pretty ? maybe not haha
but it works =)

i know i didnt explain it well .. my english is not that good and there were too many details... but i think the pics are self explanatory

any questions leave a message!


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