Introduction: 5 X 5 X 5 Leds Cube 74hc595 X 4

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Step 1: Time to Shopping

I highly recommended go to Ebay search online because its cheaper. could be up to 6 weeks. The other site is good too. The items I ordered are

1. 4 x 74hc595

2. 30 x 100 ohms

3. 125 leds 3 mm ( I choice blue color, can be any color)

4. an Arduino UNO

5. 5 x NPN transistors (2n3904 but it can be any NPN transistors)

Step 2: Hook Up Led Legs

total of 125 leds 3mm can be any color. I used blue leds. I ordered from Ebay which is way cheaper. The longest leg is always anode and the shortest leg is cathode. make sure all led both legs are not touch each other anode and cathode or it wont work.

get two Alligator Crocodile Clip one for cathode and one for anode with a resistor of 200 ohms.

I am using 5 volts recharge from old phone (Android EVO 1.0 version in 2010)

the blue led forward volt is about 3.3 volts and 24 miliamps(mA) and the recharge output is 5 volts you will not want without a resister it will be fried the led.

following ohm's law

Voltage (V) = Current (I) * Resistance (R)

Power (P) = Voltage (V) * Current (I)

check it out ohm's law

5 volts 24 milliamp is 208 resistance. I used 200 resistor its close enough number. It wont fried quickly.

always double check after soldering all legs matrix see if we did property connected. if the led wont turn light on it easier to rework before add other layer.

Step 3: Working on Matrix Cube

most of time is soldering and hook up the wires. maybe took me 2 hours completely.

again double check everything leds looking good and all passed.

Step 4: Shift Registers and Components Electronic

I have uploaded the Fritzing image.

The shift register only have 8 pins. I have color highlight for those pins. I hope the pictures help you understand picture better.

1 to 5 is go to yellow shift

6 to 10 is go to yellow shift and red shift

11 to 15 is go to red shift

16 to 20 is go to red shift and blue shift

21 to 25 blue shift and pink shift

Step 5: Time to Code