$50 Desk Build

Introduction: $50 Desk Build

this is a super simple desk build that anyone can build with a big box store!!!

Step 1: The Plan

This desk frame is designed for a table top of at least 60" x 30" but the size is up to up to you and what fits your space.

A TinkerCad project / link best displays two desks one is simpler than the other requiring less cutting and time.


all you need is 2x4, 4x4, screws, wood glue, a drill / bits, and a saw.

Step 2: Pricing

To price out the build I used online Home Dept in my area.

you need 206 inches of 2X4 - frame - 3 pieces at $3 each for a total of 288 inches

120 inches of 4x4 - legs - I found a 12ft piece online but in store need two pieces that gave extra for around $14 \

a piece of stander plywood - $14

a box of screws and wood glue

For my location this all came out to about $50

Step 3: Cutting

For the plywood table top get it cut at your big box store - its just easier get at least 60X30 cut out like I did but you could easier go bigger

2x4 Simple frame

2 pieces need to be cut at 28 inches

1 cut at 22 inches

1 cut at 64 inches

1 cut at 60 inches


cut at 29 inches or however tall you want it to be.

Step 4: Simple Frame

Now its as simple as glue and drill.

To put the simple box frame together i squared everything up (clamps help) pre drilled two holes at the arrows. Glued the joint with wood glue and drove in the screws. the middle support is done in the same manner. I did this for all four corners then it was time for the legs.

Building the frame upside down I found it best to butt them into the corners and predrill two holes through each piece of 2X4 it touched outside in. Now just glue and drive for each leg.

Step 5: The Table Top

Now the table top. Drilling into the legs and 2x4 frame made every really sturdy.

sand and paint and your new massive desk is done.

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    2 years ago

    Very nicely done. This looks easy to make but very sturdy!