Introduction: 512 Color LED Flasher (random)

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This LED flasher displays 512 colors without the use of a microcontroller. A 9-bit binary counter generates a pseudo-random number and 3 D/A (digital to analog) converters drive the red, green and blue LED's.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Schematic

Step 3: CD 4001 B (cmos Quad NOR Gate)

Step 4: 1 Hz Multivibrator

Step 5: 2 MHz Gated Multivibrator

Step 6: CD 4020 B Binary Counter

Step 7: 3 D/A (digital>analog) Converters

Step 8: RGB Led (common Cathode)

Step 9: BC 337 (led Enable/disable)

Step 10: Components List

Step 11: IC's Pinouts

Step 12: Images

Step 13: Watch the Video. Thank You !