Introduction: 55 Gallon Barrel Dry Well

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I had a section of my backyard that turned into a river during heavy rain. Then the water pooled for a while less than 10 feet from my house and finally made its way along the "path of least resistance" into my basement.
After listening to the advice from several people I decided to create a Dry Well.
The basic concept of a dry well is to collect and redirect rain underground and allow it to filter its way to an area further away from buildings.

Step 1: Material

For this project we used:
  • A roll of "separator" fabric - Home despot, yard center, Lowes...
  • 15 ft of 6 inch pvc
  • Pvc fittings (90s..)
  • 3/4 in gravel. I could have used bigger gravel but I had this on hand.
  • A drill and 1/2inch bit
  • A shovel.
  • Enough time to dig a big hole....
  • A 55 gallon barrel.

Step 2: Diggin' 1

First I dug a 1ft X 1ft trench and covered it with the separator fabric. The fabric was not really necessary but my companion thought it would be neater... I am sure the worms appreciate....
the trench has a slight slope to it (1inch for every 4 ft). Of course the path of the trench is away from the house so the dry well is going to be about 20ft from the nearest wall.

Step 3: The Barrel

I don't have a picture of this but this is an important step:
I drilled 1/2 inch holes every 10 inch on the barrel. T'hat's about 5 rows of 6 holes per row. I did not drill the bottom of the barrel. When it's all done, the barrel will be upside down with the bottom facing up.

Step 4: More Diggin'

Then I dug a big hole 4ft in diameter, about 5ft deep. I lined the whole with separator fabric. This is useful: it prevents too much silt and dirt to mix with the gravel that could later clog up the barrel.

Step 5: Fill It Up

Then I placed 6 inch of 1 inch gravel at the bottom of the hole.
I connected the end of the PVC pipe snug with the big hole near the "bottom" of the barrel.
I placed the barrel upside down and carefully filled the area around it with more gravel (3/4inch).
finaly, I covered the barrel with gravel, covered the whole thing with separator fabric and then added 4 inch of soil and sod

Step 6:

This picture was taken 2 years after the "big dig" and the dry well has been working nicely. My basement is a lot dryer!

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