Introduction: 555 AM Transmitter

This is a very simple easy to make AM transmitter if you don't want to use inductors or capacitors and don't mind not having extreme power. The best part is everythinf you need to build it is at Radio Shack.

Step 1: Building the Circuit

Once you have all the parts the circuit is very simple to construct (on a breadboard anyway). The simple seven component schematic is below.

A decoupling capacitor is needed for battery operation =]

Step 2: Tunning the Circuit

Once its assembled you have to tune it and then adjust the audio in ground for optimum audio level and clarity. The pot on the left (or the one thats hooked to the IC) adjusts the frequency. It really doesn't adjust it that much ±30 kHz and is for fine adjustment only. Since the frequency is near 540 kHz sweep the radio and the right pot (audio ground). Once you hear it your done, but the radio has to be a little loud because there is no pre amp on the transmitter

Step 3: Specs and Troubleshooting

Range: 2m
Power: 5-15V
Freq: 530 kHz - 640 kHz possibly higher

If your tuning it for the first time do not use a portible radio it dosn't work well wit them.
If you know its getting power and you can't tune in try stepping away from it or touching parts of it to act like an antanna (I coulden't get wire to work)
Also it might not be enough amps i never mesured how many it took, but it likes computer power supplies and 9.6V packs.
If you want better audio put an inductor between the IC's output and audio in.