Introduction: 555 Timer - Laser Ray

This circuit uses a 555 timer to make a noise that you can change the frequency of using different capacitors and resistors.

Required Components



-555 Timer

-220k/Variable Resistor

-470R Resistor

-100n/10n Capacitor

-10u/1u Capacitor

-LED Light

-8R Speaker

-9v Battery and Connector


Step 1: Power All Around the Board

Connect the negative and positive to the corresponding row on the other edge.

Step 2: Place the 555 Timer on the Breadboard

Place the 555 Timer on the breadboard, put it in the middle of the board with it bridging over the gap in the center of the board.

Step 3: Add Some Wires

Connect pin 1 to ground, pin 2 to pin 6, pin 3 to a row not connected to the 555 timer, pin 4 to positive and pin 8 to positive.

Step 4: Add the Variable Resistor

The variable resistor will be replacing the 220k resistor, this will allow the user to change the frequency without replacing the resistor.

Step 5: Add Some Loads

Connect pin 2 to ground with a 100n or 10n capacitor, pin 3 to a row not connected to anything else with a 10u or 1u capacitor, the wire connected to pin 3 to the mirroring row across the gap with a 470R resistor and pin 5 to the 470R resistor with a LED light.

Step 6: Add the 8r Speaker

Add the 8R speaker with one wire connected to the 10u/1u capacitor and the other to ground.

Step 7: Power Control

Add a button off to the side bridging over the gap like the 555 timer is. Connect one side to positive. Connect the positive wire from the 9v battery connector to the other side of the button. Connect the other wire from the 9v battery connector to ground.

Step 8: Power

Connect the 9v battery to the 9v battery connector.