Introduction: 555Timer Boost Converter

I've been trying to make a boost converter from a really long time. At first I thought it would be easy, tune a frequency , add inductors, fets, caps, and done. but it was really hard to make it. It boosted the voltage but when i attach any load it would drop. so i went online and learnt about inductors and it helped really good. if u have higher inductance then you will need lower frequency and the other way around. so i designed this circuit where the 555 timer is set in an a-stable mode and the frequency is set to 32 kHz and the pot is here to modify the pulse-width, which will control the voltage.
WARNING:- attach a load before powering it up, cuz the voltage exceeds 100v
if u guys know how to solve this problem, please let me know.

Step 1: Things Needed for This Project

things needed:
Some jumper cables
1x Breadboard
1x NE555 timer
1x 100k
1x 100k pot
1x 1.5k
1x fet (Irfz44n, irf540n, tip32c, tip122 or any npn transistor or any N-channel mosfet)
1x power source (battery or any psu)
1x inductor 10 to 50uh(experiment with different values of inductor, u can use more inductance but be careful you might blow up the transistor)
3x capacitors 47pf (code 471), 0.1uf(code 104), 1000uf electrolytic cap
4x diodes (3x 1n4007, 1x 1n5408 or any shottky diode)

vero board, strip board, pcb, dot per hole board
solder and soldering iron

Step 2: Circuitry

The shemetic is given in the images.
It should work now. It needs minimum 5 volts and 200 mili amp. and I know its to much current on no load, but hey it works.