5V Voltage Regulator With 7805

Introduction: 5V Voltage Regulator With 7805

I present to you my new project, that I've made yesterday. It's a 5V voltage regulator that I'm going to use to power my breadboard Sanguino. I've used the schematic from Sanguino site and It's looking pretty nice. I also had some issues in finding some parts like those two 100nF ceramic capacitors, but I've discovered a broken mouse in my big pile with old electronics and after checking its board I've managed to see those caps, unsolder and reuse them in my project. After finishing the power supply I've took some measurements and I've seen that the voltage is not 5V sharp...it's actually 4.97V, but after some searching on Internet, Atmega644p works ok even if the voltage is not 5V sharp. It says something about +/-0.3V around 5V, so this is awesome news. That big golden thing is a pasive cooler from an old motherboard...Nordbrige I guess, and it's useful when you supply the board with more then 9-12V.
P.S.: Sorry for my bad spelling. :D Cheers

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    How many amp's can you realisticly expect from this setup? I'm looking for 1,5A, but the datasheet states 1A. I would also like to know their real world perfomance, before I buy two for a parallel setup.


    8 years ago

    thanks for sharing it helps me to build my own which i used to supply my external hdd


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I don't like running projects off of batteries as batteries tend to lose their power after a short while. For bench power supplies I always use adjustable supplies too. Because some projects need more than 5 volts. Although I do use fixed regulators on boards that need specific voltages.

    These boards contain fixed regulators:

    This one has dual regulators:

    This one has dual positive and negative regulators:

    This is one adjustable bench supply I use:

    Another adjustable bench supply:

    I've built a lot more power supplies than those over the years, but those are the ones I've posted on this site. Now I want to try to make an adjustable switch mode power supply for bench use. A bigger linear supply than I've already made would be difficult for me to construct.

    Timofte Andrei
    Timofte Andrei

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I made this regulator because I needed for small applications using different types of PSU with different voltage outputs. I know that those 9V batteries are not suitable for long time use, but this is saving me from using my big "ugly" PC PSU I've made for desktop projects.
    Keeping a 230W PSU plugged in for a week is not the best way to become an ecologist :D even if you connect an Arduino to it, still is a waste of energy.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    There are smaller step down supplies you could use. I'm not so sure how ecological dry cell batteries are for the amount of power that they can deliver either. I know they're not very economical.