Introduction: 5V Voltage Regulator With 7805

I present to you my new project, that I've made yesterday. It's a 5V voltage regulator that I'm going to use to power my breadboard Sanguino. I've used the schematic from Sanguino site and It's looking pretty nice. I also had some issues in finding some parts like those two 100nF ceramic capacitors, but I've discovered a broken mouse in my big pile with old electronics and after checking its board I've managed to see those caps, unsolder and reuse them in my project. After finishing the power supply I've took some measurements and I've seen that the voltage is not 5V's actually 4.97V, but after some searching on Internet, Atmega644p works ok even if the voltage is not 5V sharp. It says something about +/-0.3V around 5V, so this is awesome news. That big golden thing is a pasive cooler from an old motherboard...Nordbrige I guess, and it's useful when you supply the board with more then 9-12V.
P.S.: Sorry for my bad spelling. :D Cheers