Piranha LED Installer Push Tool to Piranha Power Rail. I Made It in TechShop.

Introduction: Piranha LED Installer Push Tool to Piranha Power Rail. I Made It in TechShop.

     The Piranha LED has very good heat dissipation ability due to its body mass.  When integrated to Solderless Breadboard, the metal rail beneath add additional heat dissipating ability.  One tiny problem is the difficulty to push the legs of the Piranha LEDs.  Could we make a tool that could improve Piranha LED installation on Breadboard.

   To make a tool to help Piranha LED installation on Breadboard to significantly improve or eliminate error. 
   To convert a long nose pliers or vise grip using Tormach and/or milling machine at TechShop.

Design Consideration:
    * Select and purchase an inexpensive clamp to retrofit or modify.
    * Need to be narrow on the tip to avoid interference with surrounding components.
    * Need to have reasonable throat to reach inner part of the breadboard, if needed.
    * Need to be flat on the base, so as not to ruined the adhesive backing below.

    * As expected, the results were successful.   I am now able to push down all 11 piranha LEDs into the piranha power rail without a single bent legs in less than a minute  The success rate is make from 20% to 100%.   The quality has improved.  The installation time is reduced to 5% compared to using traditional tools. 

Lesson Learned:
     * The lesson learned here should not be just  "We could successfully made tools at TechShop."
     * If we need to make a special tool, chances are that we could start wih an existing inexpensive tool.  Normally, we just modify the tip.  There's is no  need to reinvent the whole vise grip pliers.
     * I have faith that I could make this special tool comes true at TechShop. One unexpected challenge came up.  The tilting pads need to be fixed instead.  The vise grip pliers were too loose.   I did loss hope.  TechShop Dream Consultant Faith advised me to use the huge table vise to tighten things up.   I used it to tighten the rivets ad pliers frames.  In no time, the project is saved and we have perfected a wonderful effective tools.. just like I dreamed about.   Thanks to my faith and TechShop Faith.

Related Note:
     * A 1/2 Watt serial resistor is used.
     * Piranha power rail has 3 rows of coductor.
     * Install each LED while power is on to make sure orientation is correct all the time
     * Do not mix LED with different forward voltage on same board.  This require modifications.


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