6 + 4 Table

Introduction: 6 + 4 Table

About: Hi, my name is John. My hobby is to solve problems from other people and creating nice and functional stuff out of trash. I'm living in Germany so excuse my not so fluent English (some technical terms are hard…

Last year I've build a terrace. Now I had time to build the table.

Most important thing for me was the possibility to sit on the ground but at the same time I don't want to pester all my guests to do so...

Plan was to create a table to seat up to 6 people on chairs and 4 on the ground.

Step 1: Steal

First of all I've welded the steal pipes and applied the box nuts. Nothing fancy, plain simple.

Step 2: Wood

While waiting for the paint to dry I've sanded the wood

Step 3: Assembly

I've screwed the boards from below into the box nuts in the frame. All this is nothing special but a new interpretation of a table.

In total the table cost me around 40€

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