Introduction: 6 Life Hacks Using Hot Glue

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Hello everyone I just love life hacks and I just thought of a few more to make your and mine life better. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Slip Free Hanger

Don't you always hate how your shirts and other clothing always fall of the hangers? Well nevermore with this handy trick. Put a few beadlets on the ends of your hanger and no more slip.

Step 2: No More Water in Bath Toys

If you have kids you have probably have had to throw away plenty of bath toys because of mold in them. The solution is just put a dot of hot glue in the hole & tada! it is fixed.

Step 3: Spare a Few Cents = Tap Shoes

have you or your kids ever wanted tap dancing shoes? All you need is 11 pennies a shoe (for a adult sized shoe) 9 for a smaller shoes. glue the pennies to the bottoms (Duh) You can look at the pictures for were to place them.

Step 4: Not to Many Holes

Do you like to use Tacks to post things on your wall, but hate the holes? I know I do. So here is a idea. Glue a thumb tack to a cloths pin or other clip. Then tack the clip to the wall. Then when you want to change out the picture or something on the wall you don't have to add another home. (this is also good if you don't want holes in something)

Step 5: Hang Up Your Pictures

I have a picture frame without something to hang it on the wall. So what I did was glue a pop tab at the top of the frame and voila.

Step 6: Egg Painting Patterns

A couple different ways to decorate a egg are
#1 you can glue over the eggs and then just leave it like that.
#2 You could also paint over it. it adds texture.
#3 Also once the paint drys you could peel off the glue to leave a pretty pattern.

Step 7: That All Folks

That's it I hope you enjoyed these simple life hacks & they make you're like easier and cheaper. Don't forget to vote :)

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