Introduction: 6 Month! Blonde Mustache Handlebar

Hello everyone I have been lurking in these forms for the past few days and I wanted to show you the mustache that I've been growing. My facial hair has always been kind of spotty and I've always wanted to grow a nice mustache, everyone,e. I'm not really able to grow a full beard has my facial hair will grow at a darker tone than my mustache which is quite blond. I did manage to grow my beard for around two months last year but I shaved this off because it just didn't have the look that I wanted. I now have the motivation to just grow a nice looking mustache Handlebar and not a beard.

Here are some pictures that I took after about four weeks. Any tips that you would have for growing out your mustache would be appreciated by me. if I knew everything that I know now about growing a mustache I would have probably kept my mustache that I had previously and just shaved off my beard.I look forward to growing my new mustache and hope that it looks great once I have grown it out.

Step 1: Here's My Mustache at 6 Weeks

Step 2: Week 7 Update

Step 3: 8 Week Update

getting close to 2 months, here's what i got so far.

Step 4: 9 Weeks

Step 5: 10 Weeks

Step 6: 6 Months!!!

I want to thank all of you for your time.