Introduction: 6 Soldering Life Hacks

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I think that the soldering is one of the most important part while making a project. I have some life hacks that I use sometimes, and they makes soldering easier or clearer. These life hacks can be used in a case of an emergency, but I have some tricks even for beginners. Hope you like it, and vote on me at the Soldering Challange.

Step 1: The Cardboard Circuit

If you haven't PCBs when you're making a project you can use cardboard to replace it. Example here's this LED with the resistor, and you only need to make the holes with a needle plug the parts in then solder them together. If I'm not at home I use this life hack very frequently.

Step 2: Third Hands

You can use clothes-pegs to hold your parts fix.

Step 3: Another Helping Hand

The metal wire cutters can be great helping hands, because they hold everything strong.

Step 4: Soldering Iron Stand (less Than $0.5)

Get a very strong metal wire and follow the photos. This is a very easy to make and stable soldering iron stand. Just bend the wire in a spiral and make a rectangle leg for it. I use this in my weekend house, because I can't bring with myself the full soldering station every time.

Step 5: Cleaning the Tip

I don't like to use a sponge for tip cleaning because the low temperature of the water damages the tip. I usually take a copper wire then make a small ball (or something like that) from it then clean my soldering iron with it. Just be careful don't burn yourself!

Step 6: Heat Shrink Tube From Crasser Wire

If you need a heat shrink tube and you haven't at home you can use this easy and effective mode. Use an empty plastic tube (it's cutted from a crasser wire) and plug yur wire in. Works perfect.

Step 7: Hope You Liked It!

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