Introduction: 6 Strand Round Braid

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The 6 strand round braid is a bigger, beefier version of the 4 strand, and the technique can be applied to a much larger amount of strands. This will enable you to make hold even the biggest loads, and is more or less how to make nice rope.

Step 1: Prepare Strands

You will need 6 strands of rope. I will be using a simple overhand knot, but any method to bundle the strands together should be okay.

Step 2: The Braid

To begin, grab three strands in each hand. Take the leftmost strand, and pass it around behind all the other strands, until it is above what used to be the rightmost strand. Proceed to put it over that strand, under the next, and over the bottom right strand, returning it to your left hand, but now at the bottom. Now, take the rightmost strand that you just looped around, and pull it back behind into your left hand, repeating the process you just did for the other side. Continue this procedure until you have reached the desired length.

Step 3: Finishing

Once you have reached the desired length, you may tie off the end of the rope. I will be using an overhand knot, but I would suggest something a bit more substantial if you plan on using this braid for something important.