Introduction: 6 Wheeler

I have taken 2 rc trucks and taken off the back wheeled. It was easy and there's clips in the back that holds in the wheeles.i took them out from both the trucks and just moved up the original ones and there's only one cirtain way to pute them in to fit.once you have those in cut half way threw the clip and the that to both the sets of wheeles then place them back to where they fit.connect the motors to where the both move the right way and pute the connector on both the motors and that's all you need to do and you will still have a lot of power plus you can climb over more thing with a cheap rc car from Walmart.and if you want it to go faster just pute a bigger battery pack on it but not to big because it will just burn up all your socket boards

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

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Step 6: