Introduction: 6 Sheet Paper Box

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this is just a sturdy box that uses 6 sheets of paper.

Step 1: Getting Started


6 sheets of paper (i used notebook but construction is better)
some free time

in this step i will show you the first and second folds to making the 6 units.

1st step: follow picture

2nd step: flip over and fold like the pic

WARNING make sure you fold them all in the same direction or the will not fit together at the end.

Step 2: 3rd & 4th Step

the rest of the steps exept for the last few.
just use the pitures

Step 3: Finishin the Unit

these are the last steps

use pics to help

fold the triangle under long flap

do the same with the other and then fold the flaps up.

thats one unit fineshed 5 more to go

Step 4: Building the Cube

the construction of the cube is pretty self explanitory.

if you have any questions just ask but please dont critisise

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Step 5: BONUS

BONUS if u like you can come up with your own shapes check out the pic.