60 Second Camera Pocket Tripod




Introduction: 60 Second Camera Pocket Tripod

in this instructable i will show you how to make a tripod for your camera that can both fit in your pocket and take very little time to make

Step 1: What You'll Need

- 3 paper clips (the bigger the better)
- 1/4" bolt (make sure it fit your camera before you start)
- strong glue (the faster it sets the sooner you can use your tripod)
- solder iron + solder

Step 2: Put It Together

1. bend out the paper clips to sort of a "z" like shape (see picture)
2. stand the paper clips up so they meet at the tip (make tip as flat as you can and space the clips evenly). use tape to secure clips if needed.
3. solder the clips together (make sure their all held together properly)
4. glue the blot to the tip of the paper clips

Step 3: Let It Dry and Use

give the glue enough time to set and screw the bolt into the camera.
that's it! bend the clips in whatever angle you need to level your camera on any surface

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