Introduction: 60W DIY BLUETOOTH Speaker 48h Runtime

I wanted to make one speaker that suits my needs and not spent little fortune on the new branded one.

I wanted a speaker that can play music for a long time and to play that music LOUD.
(and also, not to look crappy :) )

So I used speaker from an old DVD surrounding system and manage to put all the components in the speakers case needed to make a portable, loud, long lasting, bluetooth speaker!

Step 1: Parts That You Need

1. Speakers (2x30w)

2. Bluetooth 4.0 amplifier

3. Switch

4. BMS ( battery protection circuit)

5. Jack for charger

6. Batteries ( 6x18650) from an old laptop

7. USB buck converter to 5V ( I didn't use it but it would be nice to have a phone charger inside a speaker)

Step 2: Holes for the Switch and Power Input

I made 2 holes in the back of the casing, one for the power input, other for the switch.

I glued everything from the inside making sure that there wasn't any air leak.

Step 3: Making the Battery Pack

I used 6 18650 li-ion batteries in 3S2P order. 11.1v nominal and 12.6v max.
and connect the battery pack with the battery protection circuit

Step 4: More Gluing

Step 5: FINISH

I charged it and let it play, and actually it played for 43 hours continuously on the 70% volume.

That is it!

Hope you find this project interesting !

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