Introduction: 60W LED Lightbar for 2016-up Toyota Tacoma Install Guide

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A forewarning: make sure that your Toyota Tacoma has a hood scoop to mount in. This LED light bar is designed to fit inside the hood scoops of a 2016 and up Toyota Tacoma ONLY.

The following steps will show you how to install your hood scoop mounted 60W CREE LED light bar:

Step 1: Open Your Hood to Remove the Four Screws.

Remove the four screws circled in yellow to take the hood scoop off your hood.

Step 2: Remove the Four Outer Screws to Take Apart the Hood Scoop.

Flip over the released hood scoop. Remove the four outer screws to release the hood scoop (#76181) from the black mesh piece (#76182).

Refer to this diagram to familiarize yourself with the parts you will be working with.

Step 3: Preassemble the Mounting Brackets Onto the LED Light Bar.

Tighten the bolts as shown in the pictures below. You will be using the protruding bolt to mark your drilling locations on #76182.

Step 4: Mount the LED Lightbar Into the Hood Scoop.

Lay the LED light bar onto #76182 and mark the locations where the bolts touched. Drill holes in those locations. Thread nuts through the bolts of the mounting brackets to secure the LED light bar onto #76182. Screw back in #76181.

Step 5: Wire Your LED Light Bar.

Screw the hood scoop back onto your hood. Use the included relay wiring harness with an on/off switch to wire your LED light bar.

Step 6: Test Your LED Light Bar.

Once it lights up as it should, you can now enjoy your new hood scoop mounted LED light bar!

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