Introduction: 60min Ergonomic Home Office Desk Upgrade

Working from home for weeks in a not optimal ergonomic workplace can lead to neck pain and posture issues. To mitigate this, I came up with the idea to have a simple and flexible upgrade to my work from home desk. It will allow me to quickly change from sitting mode to standing mode.

For this project I used some left-over wood boards from an old shelf.


- Wood board 40cm x 80cm for table top

- Wood board 40cm x 60cm to cut sides

- some screws to fix sides board to table top

- hot glue

Step 1: What to Consider for an Ergonomic Workplace ?

Doing some google search to inform myself about the optimal height of a standing workplace.

- Underarms have about a 90° angle

- View to the monitor picture is slightly downwards

Step 2: Doing a Mock Up

Considering all information I found in the internet, I was doing a mock up to define the optimal height of the new table top in relation to my body height.

The size of my "topper" should be large enough for a keyboard and mouse .

For me it was something around 40cm x 80cm (15.5 inch x 31 inch).

With monitors that can be adjusted in height, it was not required to also lift the monitors.

I could just raise both monitors to the most upper position and it was perfect to have this slight downward view as recommended in step 2.

Step 3: Cutting the Sides , 2 Pieces

Having 2 equal boards, I cut the the 2 sides from one of the boards to the measured height.

Step 4: Some Sanding

Smoothing the edges of the just cute side boards

Step 5: Fixing the Side Boards to the Top Plate

Using 2 x 3 screws, the 2 side boards are fixed to the top plate

First some pre drilling

then final drilling

then fixing the boards with the screws

Step 6: Main Work Done !

Congratulation, your main work is done.

Step 7: Anti Shake and Anti Slide

When I have put the just mounted "topper" to my desk, I realized a slight wiggle and also that the "topper" slides easily on the desk.

What to do ? Hot glue !!

- Put some baking paper sheets on the desk

- Apply quite an amount of hot glue to the bottom surface of both side boards

- Quickly turn the "topper" and place it on the baking paper sheet and let it cool down (harden)

- After 10min flip "topper" and scrape of the baking paper sheets

The applied and dried hot glue will equalize all uneven part, stops wiggling and also prevents the "topper" from sliding around on your office desk.

Step 8: You Made It!

Put you topper on your desk and you are ready to work in standing mode !

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