Introduction: 6283 IC Single Channel Audio Amplifier Board Wiring

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Today I am going tell you how can we connect wires of speaker, aux cable, power supply and volume potentiometer in 6283 IC Single channel audio Amplifier board.This audio amplifier board will give 30W output power.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Materials As Shown Below

(1.) Amplifier board - 6283 IC single channel amplifier board. x1

(2.) Speaker - 30W x1

(3.) aux cable x1

(4.) Connecting wires

(5.) Step-down Transformer with rectifier - 12-0-12 2A (For 12V DC Power supply)

(6.) Potentiometer (variable resistor) - 100K

Step 2: Connect Parts As Picture

Solder wires of all parts as shown in the picture.

Indication -

Black line - GND (-) Wire and

Red / Blue is +ve wire.

Step 3: Connect Speaker to Amplifier Board

Firstly we have to connect wires of speaker.

Connect +ve and -ve wire of speaker to amplifier board as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Connect Aux Cable Wire

Next we have to connect aux cable wire to the circuit.

Connect +ve wire of aux cable to 1st pin of potentiometer and

connect -ve wire of aux cable to 3rd pin of potentiometer as you can see in the picture.

NOTE : 3rd pin of potentiometer we can say as Ground pin.

Step 5: Connect Wire in Potentiometer

Next connect wires in the potentiometer as shown in the picture.

Connect a wire in middle pin of potentiometer and

solder a wire in the ground pin of potentiometer.

This wires is audio output wire.

Step 6: Connect Audio Wire in Amplifier Board

Next connect output audio wire of potentiometer to the amplifier boars as you can see in the picture.

Brown wire is +ve and black wire is -ve.

Step 7: Connect Power Supply Wire

Now connect power supply wire to the amplifier board as shown in the picture.

NOTE : We have to give 9-12V DC Input power supply to the amplifier board.

Step 8: How to Use It

Give power supply to the amplifier board and connect aux cable to mobile phone and play music.

This audio amplifier will give maximum 30W output.

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