Introduction: 65 Feet of Paracord Belt Ready in 1 Minute

This is a belt made of one piece of paracord of 65 feet who can be untangle in less than one minute.

Step 1: What You Need

-65 feet of paracord
-one buckle of 1 inch

Step 2: Making the Belt

- fold the cord two times in half
-attach the end with the two free strands to a closed door

Step 3: Pass the Buckle

- at the other end pass the strand true the hole

Step 4: Knitting Time

-watch the video and go all the way of the strands.

Step 5: Mesure Your Waist Size

-measure your waist size and add the other buckle
-continue the knit to the full extend
-finish with a knot

Step 6: How to Untie

-do the reverse to untie (video)

-watch the strip-tease ;-)

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