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Introduction: 7 Hiding Places in Your House

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This Instructable will will give you 7 hiding places for some emergency cash, Passwords and other valuable things.

You will not need to make anything extra to make these hiding places, but only need to modify some things that you will, most probably find in anyone's house

Step 1: Hide Cash or Information in the Body of Any Opaque Pen

To do this, you will need a pen that is opaque, so that the hidden item isn't seen from outside.

-All you have to do for this is open the pen up, and keep whatever you want to hide around the refill, or Ink Cartridge.

-When you assemble it back, the piece of paper or Bank Note will get concealed behind the body.

-To remove it out, you only have to open the pen again.

-The pen will work as it should normally, if you haven't blocked the refill's path.(while going out, for click pens)

Step 2: Hide Valuables Inside an Old Bulb

-Take the LED bulb, and use a Hairdryer at its hottest setting to heat the bulb up

-This loosens the adhesive used to hold the plastic diffuser in place.

-once it is hot enough, the diffuser should pop open with little force

-Make sure to use gloves, since the bulb will be very hot

-Once that is done, remove all the screws you can see, to reveal the heatsink behind the LED panel

-Remove The heatsink with pliers.

-The Circuitry should also come along with the heatsink.

-Once that is done, clean the insides and stuff whatever you want to hide inside.

-Place the diffuser back into place, and press it down until you hear it click into place.

For extra protection, you can remove the circuitry, and screw the LED panel and heatsink Back into place with you object behind it.

Step 3: Hide Passwords or Similar Information in a Plug Head

-Take a plug head, preferably one that is not in use

-Open it up by unscrewing any screws you can see

-Only the small space(see image)where the wire enters should be used to hide anything in plug heads connected to wires.

-you may keep passwords or bank information here, in case you forget it.


Step 4: Keep Cash or Information in a TV Remote

Very similar to the previous one. If you want to keep your password to some account, maybe Netflix, Playstation or Xbox Account, Keep it behind the batteries in your remote. If you need to log in, and you forgot your password, you can just pop the Back cover of the remote(which will be near you since you are using the tv) and enter your password!

Alternatively, you can keep channel numbers behind the cover for old people, who easily forget such things.

You can also keep some cash back there for emergencies.

Step 5: Hide Cash or Information Behind the Bind of a Book

-You can keep cash or information behind the bind of a book.

-Unfold the bind and lay your bank note on the bind

-fold it back and your cash is safe in the book

Step 6: Hide Small Items in an Old CD Case

I know CDs are Outdated, but almost everyone has/had a CD case

-Use a toilet Paper roll, or a piece of cardboard to elevate a couple of CDs to the top of the case(as shown)

-You may need to cut the roll into size.While doing this, make sure that the mouth of the roll is flat, and not slanted.

-To do so, remove a CD or two, and place the roll in the center of the Case as shown.

-place the previously removed CDs on the mouth of the roll

-It turns out that the diameter of the roll and the transparent part of the CD is the same, so if someone was to look down directly, he would just see a bunch of CDs through the transparent part

-Now you have some space in between to hide your object(s)


-Make sure that the CD on the bottom and top of the small 'chamber' are not damaged, or use dead CDs for that instead just to be safe.

Step 7: Hide Bigger Items in a CPU Tower

-Most CPU towers have a lot of spare space in them

-Undo the screws holding your side panel

-Slide the side panel open

-place your object in the empty space


-Make sure your object inst touching any of the components of the computer, not even wires

-Make sure the object isn't blocking any cooling fan

Most computer Cases have multiple hard drive/SSD bays. if there isnt any spare space like i did, you MIGHT be able to keep your object in the bay, or on the drive itself, as long as it is lightweight and non magnetic.


I haven't written a lot because the GIFs are enough to explain each one.

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    5 years ago

    if a thief was going to rob your house he would have to look at this instructable to know where you hid your stuff.

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    doo da do

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    nice and easy things


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    simple and decisive. Congratulations

    Chinmaya Shyamaraj
    Chinmaya Shyamaraj

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks! please vote if you liked it!


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