Introduction: 7$ PVC Laptop Stand for 13" Macbook

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No cutting, no gluing, no drilling, just plug & play! Easy as hell, only for 7 bucks!!!

Fits perfectly to my 13" macbook.

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Step 1: Plug Pipes Together

There is nothing complicated, just follow to the stop motion video and I think you get the job done.

parts used: 

10cm long straight pipe connector (1 piece)

90 degree pvc pipe connector (6 pieces)

15cm long pipe extensions (2 pieces)

all pipes are 40mm in diameter.

You could use any diameter of pvc pipes, I choose the 40mm, because it was the smallest pipe in grey colour.

There  are a lot of different kinds of pvc pipe, these are for plumbing. They connect each other with rubber gasket in them, they feel rigid, but in same time easy to adjust, dismount etc.

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Step 2: Start Using!

Put your laptop on it, put in your remote control, pencils ,pens or other stuff, which belongs to your workspace. Add external keyboard and mouse and you are ready to work.

This was my first instructable, so I hope You like it!

Please leave some comments, recommendations etc. to help me improve my instructables in future. Thank you for watching :]

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