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Introduction: 7 Type of Flowers - Rainbow

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I keep on thinking what instructable to do for Rainbow contest and suddenly got the idea. I used different types of natural, recyclable materials for this project. My MOM love flowers, so i choose flowers as the topic.This is my 10 instructable HURRAH !!!! : ) and i want to do something different (atleast to win runner up). Here I am making 7 types of flowers by 7 methods in 7 colors. From 7 flowers to 1 flower i reduced it based on colour.

I had lot of fun while making this flowers. Hope you too like it.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Essential materials

  • Hot Glue / Glue
  • Craft Cutter & Saw / Scissors
  • Scale
  • Thread & Needle
  • Beads
  • Card board / Thermocol
  • Safety Gloves
  • Paint - Glass or Acrylic

(Yesterday only got my paint delivery, so last day post)

Materials Based on flower type

  1. Pine cone
  2. Fabric
  3. Paper
  4. Mexican Fan palm leaves- Washingtonia robusta
  5. Aluminium Foil
  6. Orange Peel
  7. Plastic Bottle

Step 2: ​Pine Cone Flower - Violet

Pine cone is used for decorations especially during holiday season.In India pine tree found in Himalaya mountains and South India above 6000 ft from sea level and where monsoon rain available. So its like a rare material in our area. When i saw the variety of pine trees in California i am filled with joy.

Pre heat oven to 200 degrees, and line pine cone on a baking sheet with foil. Bake for 30 minutes, which would kill off any bugs. Do not leave oven unsupervised. Remove from oven and let them rest until it cools.

  • Use craft cutter to pull out a row of pine cone pieces and in that space, use craft saw to cut apart the pine cone carefully.
  • You can use both bottom and top pieces as flower.
  • Use violet spray paint to colour it. Let it dry completely.

I collected different size of pine cones and liked the outcome. Vibrant Violet Pine cone is ready.

Step 3: ​Fabric Flower - Indigo

Fabric flower is used as fashion accessories, home decor items or wedding bouquets. It is a great choice because you can make them in any fabric material, color, print or size. Importantly it can be used for long time.Here i am using my old dress.

  1. After you cut a strip of fabric, fold it in half lengthwise.
  2. Fold and roll the edge and secure it with knot using regular sewing needle.
  3. Hand sew a basting stitch along the bottom 1/4 of the fabric. Make sure to stitch both layers of fabric
  4. Pull the thread while continuing the stitch.
  5. Once stitch is completed through fabric, pull the thread
  6. We have a swirl like flower pattern. Tie a knot to secure.
  7. Now you can add beads to the center
  8. Glue the bottom and secure it with cardboard piece

You can use fabric type of your choice. Now fabric flower is ready.

Step 4: Paper Flower - Blue

Checkout my paper rose instructable in the below link, for the step by step instruction on how to make paper rose.


I spray painted Blue colour on the paper roses.

Step 5: Natural Leaf Flower- Green

In South India we use coconut leaf and banana leaf for decorations.So i tried natural leaves for the green layer. The long green coconut leaf makes a perfect decorative flower. Instead of coconut leaf here i use Costapalmate Palm leaves , which is similar to it (small tree found in my neighborhood after long search).You can also use this leaf roses in bouquets and floral centerpiece with some stem attached.

The folding of leaves is similar to some fabric flower type. I used my husband's vimeo account to upload the video.

  • Separate the segments of leaves into single strips. Here i have 17 inch leaf strip.
  • Fold the edge and rotate .
  • Twist - Inward or outward (both are fine ).Get your own rhythm to the twist and turn.
  • Folding and rolling of the leaf strip can be done around the center to make the flower.
  • As you twist and roll, it gets bigger. You can also attach 2 or more strips using stapler pin for big flowers.The length of the strip will determine the size of the flower.
  • Using thread tie a knot after you finished flower.
  • Glue the leaf rose to the small card board piece.

Natural Green flower is made.

Step 6: Aluminium Foil Flower- Yellow

We use lot of Aluminium foil in our day to day life.To recycle it into pretty flowers is fun. I washed and dried the aluminium foil in water before making flower. All you need is foil, scissors, pencil and hot glue.

  1. Fold the foil into square. Crease the flower pattern and cut it
  2. I made 6 petal and 8 petal flower pattern.
  3. With small aluminium foil and the scrap pieces from the flower pattern the bud is made
  4. Crush it together to form the bud shape.
  5. Now glue the bud with 8 petal flower and then 6 petal flower.
  6. Colour it yellow and slightly fold the tip of petals with toothpick

Now Aluminium foil flower is ready.

Step 7: Orange Peel Flower- Orange

For orange colour flower i used Orange peel. Orange is easy to make. You can use fresh peel roses to decorate food, or let them dry for few days and decorate your apartment. Dry orange peel roses appear to be pretty in candle vases

  1. Wash and Peel the orange.
  2. Soak the peel in hot water for 5 minutes.
  3. From the small tip start rotating the peel.
  4. Join it with the base. Let it dry.
  5. Use hot glue to attach the orange rose for decoration.

Orange rose is ready.

Step 8: Plastic Bottle Flower- Red

Recycled bottle and bottle cap is used to make the red flower.

  1. Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle. You can use whole bottle. Here i am making single flower so bottle bottom is enough for this flower.
  2. Paint it red. (white colour bottle - very difficult to capture photos so painted first)
  3. Bottom has the pattern which resemble flower shape. Follow the pattern and cut it into petals.
  4. Now we got 8 petals. Bring forward the alternative petals.
  5. Squeeze it to form the center layers.
  6. cut the bottle cap into 4 petals.
  7. Join both to form flowers.
  8. Add card board piece to the base of the flower.

Now our final Red flower is ready.

Step 9: Combine Together

Now all our flowers are ready. Cut heart shape or circle in the thermocol / cardboard and cover the front with plain white paper or paint it colour of your choice.

  • I choose the circle pattern in heart shape. Start arranging with the big purple flowers following indigo, blue, green yellow , orange and end with red.
  • Use enough hot glue so that all flowers stick well. See the pine flower also well glued. (stand the board in vertical position to check if any flowers are falling off).
  • I used my ipad stand to keep it in table or you can attach diy table stand to it.
  • You can also hang it in wall.

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