Introduction: 7 Ways to Make Your Squeaky Door Shut Up

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The sound of a squeaking door is so irritating it is enough to drive you crazy. That little 'squeak' every time you open or close it ! Luckily, there are a few easy ways to annihilate the terror. If you feel like you are living in a horror film because of your squeaky door, check up the following tips I've neatly listed bellow for you.

Step 1: #1 Aerosol Lubricating Oil

Syringes are good for other things, not just injecting yourself with... substances. Or stealing someone's bodily fluids while they sleep. You can squirt some oil onto the hinges. Open and close the annoying door several times. The sending-chills-down-your-spine noise should be no more.

Important: Make sure the oil actually does penetrate the hinges. If you can't find a syringe, you can simply purchase a can of WD-40 (the paragon of penetration).

If this doesn't work, I have to say, Houston, we have a problem. Maybe your door is stubborn and won't surrender easily Or maybe it is haunted by your grandma's cranky ghost.

Step 2: #2 Remove the Hinge

Do you see the round hinge pin? It's role is to be between the flat plates and to hold them together. The next "big" task you will have to do is to move the pin clockwise and then counter-clockwise until you remove it. But don't try with your hands. Use the high-technological tool called pliers.

Important: Watch out with the slippery pliers or you may hurt yourself.

Step 3: #3 That Mischievous Object the Hinge Pin

It is time for revenge.Use a wire wool in order to give the pin a good friction. It deserves it. The aim of this procedure is to clean the pin. Dirt is a good reason for your door to behave in such an annoying way. Then give it back on the door. Use again the oil.

Step 4: #4 or Try Something Different

Soap is very useful when it comes to cleaning but it can also help you to solve this problem .Rub the hinge with a bar of it and then Replace the hinge and open and close the door a couple of times to allow for the soap to spread through the mechanism. Sounds simple and actually is.

Step 5: #5 in Case of Emergency

If your door doesn't give up repeat the procedure with the oil. Maybe you did't have luck the first time. Show the demonic door that you are not scared and you will fight until your last breath. It is a matter of life and death and you won't find peace until you demolish the evil.

Step 6: #6 Use a Towel

The hinge are may be full of dust, rubbish, oil drips or any kind of dirt. Clean it gently with a paper towel or a rag.

Step 7: #7 Last Hope

And if it is still not working properly,call the police. Or an exorcist. Seriously. This is not an ordinary door. Maybe you are really into a horror film without realising it. Or maybe the hinge has to be thrown away. Check out the local store and purchase a new one.