Introduction: 7 Segment Display Clock!!

In this instructable, i will be teaching you haw to make a 7 segment digit display clock!

You will need:

A sunfounder kit which includes a breadboard, jumper wires, buttons, LED's, a 7 segment display, and resisters

An arduino


The arduino app

Battery pack

Step 1: Wiring

A major step to making the clock is the wiring. Search SMA420564 on your computer or mobile device. You will find a diagram. Follow the wiring. The lines are the wires and the box is the 7 segment display. The letters/numbers on the 7 segment display are the wires underneath. You HAVE to make sure that the decimal points are facing the correct way or it won't work. The box on the left is the arduino. For the buttons, plug 2 wires into the G row with 1 hole apart. Plug the 2nd wire into the D3 plug on the arduino and plug the 1st wire into the negative rail. Then move down 15 holes and plug in 2 more with 1 hole apart. Plug the 3rd wire into the D2 wire and plug the 4th wire into the negative rail. Plug a resister into the 2nd wire and then plug the other side into the positive rail. Then plug a different resister into the 3rd wire and plug the other side into the positive rail. Then plug the 2 buttons in front of the 4 wires, over the bridge of the breadboard.

Step 2: Writing the Code

This link is the code. First you need to get the arduino app on your computer. You need to match the wiring to the correct pins on the code because if you don't the clock won't work. If the wiring, doesn't match, you need to fix the code. Once you've done that, now plug the arduino in to the computer with a usb cable in the sunfounder kit. Verify the code then upload it.

Step 3: Housing the Clock

Now you, hopefully, have the clock working. This step is optional. Take the sunfounder kit and poke the display into it. Attach the wires the correct way according to the code. Tape the ardiono to the bottom of the box and tape the breadboard down to the bottom of the box. Then, plug the usb cord into the arduino then get a battery pack and plug the end of the usb cord into that. Then use the buttons to change the time, Then you have a clock!

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