Introduction: 7219 Tube Clock

This is my first instructable. I got my inspiration for building this clock from

I liked the design of the clock and thought that VFD tube is difficult to find so I took 7219 seven segment 8 digit module available readily for the project . It is just a laser cut design similar to this clock. It is not VFD tube clock, however it looks similar to this.

Step 1: Materials

1. Arudino nano x1

2. DS1307 x1

3. Max 7219 8 digit seven segment display module x1

4. Four button keyboard

5. Zero board x1 for buttons

6. DC Socket x1

7. 4XStuds 3 mm dia, 240 mm length

8. Laser cut Clock Parts

9. 5V Adapter 10. Glue

Step 2: Connection Details (Circuit)

Pin mapping of 7219 module with Arudino Nano

7219 Module pin -> Arudino Nano pin

5V VCC -> 5V Pin Of Nano

Ground ->GND PIN

DIN -> D11

CS -> D10

CLK -> D13

Pin Mapping for Ds1307 Clock Module

1307 module -> Arudino Nano pin

Vcc -> 5V


SDA -> A4

SCL -> A5

Buttons are connected On Pin No. A0,A1,A2,A3 of arudino

Step 3: Code

Step 4: Laser Cut Parts

I Have Attached Lser Cutting Drawing Of all the parts

Step 5: Assembling

Assembling laser cut parts is not difficult i am giving here sufficient photographs to help
Assemble both side pieces as shown in pic Now insert stud from one side and cover the stud in between with circular lasercut washers.and assemble all parts

Step 6: Final

Step 7:

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