72V 28Ah Li-ion Custom Battery (2kWh) by EVMadrid

Introduction: 72V 28Ah Li-ion Custom Battery (2kWh) by EVMadrid

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- 20 serial, 8 paralleled 3.5Ah 3C max continuous Sanyo NCR18650 GA LiNiCoAlO2 (NCA) Lithium-ion cells.

- spot welded with a single layer 0.12mm x 6mm pure nickel strips.

- 60A max continuous balancing function and led indicators built-in BMS.

- 10 AWG wires according with the BMS and the aimed max discharge of 60A continuous.

- individual insulated 10s8p shrink wrapped modules.

- XT90s anti-spark connectors for discharge port

- XT60 for charge port

- total weight: 8.2Kg

- volume: 3.15 litres

- energy density: 640Wh/L

- specific energy: 245 Wh/Kg


- 96Amax continuous capabilities (7kWnom)

- 160Amax burst capabilities (12kWnom)

- 60Amax continuous BMS limited (4kW)

- 140Amax burst BMS limited (9kW)

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    5 years ago

    where are the instructions for this instructable????


    Reply 5 years ago

    Agreed. Not even a circuit diagram. Completely pointless.


    Reply 5 years ago

    agreed there are no instructions i wish evmadrid did the instruction part not trying to hark on this but this site is for me a place for thought invoking instructions that give viable information evmadrid for you next instrucable can you make a actual instrucable i want to be nice since i really do like the work you do here but on all of your instrucables that i have been to it looks like a product page for a web store

    i know i was harking and going on a rant but sooner or later someone is going to look at these and say there are no real instructions here and they may start flaging

    what would be nice of you too add is