Introduction: 760 Pumpmaster .22LR Rifle

WARNING!!!! I AM NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE WHAT SO EVER WITH THIS MOD ON YOUR GUN! Please don't shoot at anything living unless you know a .22 will kill it and eat whatever you shoot. I needed to make sure that I am not being sued for somebodies dog's death. Now shall we continue??? I think that we should.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. 760 Pumpmaster, .177 caliber

2. BB's, .177 caliber

3. loaded .22LR shells

4. straws (need to fit snuggly into the end of the barrel)

5. one piece of flash card paper


Take your gun, .22LR ammo, straw (make sure that it will fit into the barrel really tight), and a piece of flash card paper. I did this while sitting on my chair, but you can do whatever you want. Set aside your gun, you will need it later. Now take the rest of your stuff; paper, .22, and straw, cut a 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch piece of paper, set it on the end of the straw, and push your .22 into the straw. What you are doing now is basically wedging the .22 into the straw with the sheet of paper. If it is to small, make it 1/2 in. by 1/2 in.

Step 3: THE GUN OF DEATH!!!!!!!

Now take your straw that has the bullet wedged into it, and your gun and rest it between your legs (again, how I did it). Slowly slide your straw into the end of the barrel, and make sure that it fits snuggly, not wobbling at all. Make sure that the straw is straight with the barrel. I had to twist the straw to get it all the way down. You are almost done!


Pump the gun up, I find that 8 pumps does the trick, and fire in a safe direction. Let me tell you that the straw is demolished in the process of firing the bullet so make lots!!!!! I prefer to shoot the gun one handed for the first time, because you have a 2.75 pound gun with a huge muzzle flash at the end and a projectile shooting. Thank you for reading this! Leave any troubleshoots you have with this mod in the comments below, and I will reply to your comment as well and as fast as I can! Sorry for the quality of the picture, will have to update this later! Have a nice day and go shooting lots!