Introduction: 7seg Arduino Clock

This clock is a fun challenge to build. It may be hard to build, but when it's done, you'll be very happy.

Step 1: Materials

For the clock, you will need:

-An Arduino Uno

-A Breadboard

-Lots of wires

-SMA 420564

-Cardboard box

-Large battery with USB port

-2 buttons

-Arduino USB cord

Step 2: Arduino Code

Step 3: Wiring

Stick the Sevseg through the top of the box.

Use this picture as a reference for wiring:

Wire according to this

Arduino Sevseg Resistor

13 d1 yes

12 d2 yes

11 d3 yes

10 d4 yes

A0 A no

A1 B no

A2 C no

A3 D no

A4 E no

A5 F no

D9 G no

Step 4: More Wiring

Add buttons as in picture and plug into GND(-) 3.3V(+) on the Arduino and plug the arduino into the battery. Finally, set the time by pressing the buttons