7up Sound Sensor Art

Introduction: 7up Sound Sensor Art

Maker: Kushal kumar and Harish

We made this project so that it works when we say 'Hi', it replies with a blink.


Copper Tape


Circuit Stickers LEDs

A4 sheets

Coin cell

Sound Sensor effect sticker



Step 1: Draw a Picture in the A4 Sheet

First we have to draw the 7up sound sensor doll picture.

Step 2: Stick the Copper Tape

After the drawing we have to take another A4 sheet and stick the copper tape.

Step 3: Stick the LEDs

After the sticking the copper tape we have to stick the LEDs on the copper tape.

Step 4: Stick the Sound Sensor

After sticking the LEDs put the sound sensor .

Step 5: Fix Coin Cell

After fixing the sound sensor, fix coin cell to the copper tape.

Step 6: Put 7up Drawing Sheet on the Project

After complete the all steps, put 7up drawing sheet on the project. And it is look like this.

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